‘We are called by God to take our place with the other Christian Churches

on the south side of town and embody the love of Jesus in this community.’

South Cliff Methodist Church, Filey Road, Scarborough, YO11 2SF. email:

Minister: Rev. Graham Morgan

Contact us Preaching Plan June - August 2018




3 June

Rev. Dr. Robert Whitfield

Rev. Peter Cross (HC)

10 June

Rev. Peter Cross (HC)

Song and Story Service - Celia Pullan

17 June

Mr. Richard Sheard

Mr. Martyn Mellodew

24 June

Rev. Brian Fitzpatrick

CUS at Westborough

Celebrating Fellowship - Rev. Jane Carter

1 July

Mr. Michael Kitchen

Rev. Emma Morgan (HC)

8 July

Rev. Peter Cross (CA)

Song and Story - Rev. Peter Cross (CA)

15 July

Rev. Mary Jackman (HC)

SCCT Songs of Praise at

St. Edward's R.C. Church

22 July

Mr. Tom Clayton

Music & Message Service

'Filey Convention' - Rev. Peter Cross and

The Celebration Quartet

29 July

Mr. Paul Midgley

Circuit Farewell Service at Westborough

for Rev. Peter Cross

5 August

Mrs. Kath Larkam-Webb

Rev. Dr. Kevin Ridd (HC)

12 August

Mrs. Laura McGarry

Song and Story Service - Sarid

19 August

Mr. Colin Copeland

Music and Message - Songs of Praise

Rev. John Staton and members of Tenor XI

26 August

Mrs. Kath Charter

Rev. Jane Carter

Sunday Services:

‘I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord’ Psalm 122:1

Circuit Plan