Minister: Rev. Peter Cross - South Cliff Methodist Church, Filey Road, Scarborough. YO11 2SF - email: Preaching Plan June - August 2017




4 June

Mr. Malcolm Peart

CTiS Pentecost Service

at Albemarle Baptist Church

11 June

Rev. Peter Cross

CUS Wreyfield Drive

Testimony Service for Rev. Rosie Coles

18 June

Rev. Peter Cross (HC)

Song and Story - Malcolm Peart

25 June

Rev. Pam Ward

 Rev. Denise Free (HC)

2 July

Rev. Peter Cross

Anniversary Music & Message Service

Rev. Peter Cross and  guest Helen Mitchell

9 July

Mr. Paul Midgley

SCCT Songs of Praise Service  

at St. Martin-on-the-Hill

16 July

Miss Joyce Dark

United Service at Westborough

23 July

Rev. Peter Cross (HC)

Music & Message Service

Rev. Peter Cross and  Seamer S4F Group

30 July

Mrs. Marjorie Dobson

Circuit Farewell Service

at St. Hilda's Church Whitby

6 August

Rev. John Staton

Rev. Emma Morgan

13 August

Mrs. Kath Charter

Song and Story Service - Joyce Dark

20 August

Rev. Peter Cross (HC)

Summer Songs of Praise  led by Rev. Peter Cross and The Celebration Quartet

27 August

Deacon Andrew Carter

Rev. Ann Staton

Sunday Services:

‘I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord’ Psalm 122:1

Circuit Plan