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The Scarborough Review

Church opens up with new Glass Doors

April 2018

A Scarborough church has spent thousands of pounds on making it look more welcoming.

South Cliff Methodist Church is a vibrant worshipping community on the south side of town.

It is in use most days for church and community activities.

It is the only church in town with a pocket watch embedded in the tower, as requested by a generous, if eccentric, stargazer from Falsgrave, who focused his telescope on it.

Although the detail on the watch face has faded, a white circle can still be seen

in the stonework, high up.

The church has an elderly, traditional congregation which makes full use of

modern technology in its worship and publicity; it has a website and Facebook


In common with most churches, it has suffered from a decline in attendance.

“As we addressed this, it became clear that a huge obstacle was that the

building was somewhat unwelcoming”, explains Rev Peter Cross.

Thousands of vehicles pass the church each day and many are held up right

outside the door as they queue for the Ramshill traffic lights…

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