Letter from Superintendent
Posted By : admin On 2020-12-04 13:33:41

The CLT met earlier in the week and amongst other things we discussed what might happen when we come out of lockdown next week. We were of one mind that, if at all possible, we should come to a common mind with other churches in the district.
The district superintendents, sharing the same thought have, along with our Chair of district, agreed on the following recommendations:
Churches in “tier 2” areas should be very careful to consider all the implications of re-opening for on-site worship.
Churches in “tier 3” areas should opt to remain closed.
Please see the District letter from Leslie Newton for a fuller explanation.
As you know we are coming out of lockdown in tier 2, I therefore request that church leadership teams consult widely regarding the decision as to whether or not to resume on-site worship on 6th December and if agreeing to do so to ensure that Risk Assessments are up to date.
Whilst we continue to produce our plan on a monthly basis, preachers may decide that, under present conditions, they would rather not fulfil their forthcoming appointments.
Whatever happens, online worship will continue to be available and the ‘Worshipping at home’ notices will continue to be sent out each Friday.
In these dark days, wherever and whenever we worship, may Jesus the Light of the World shine upon us and may the glory be His in all that we seek to be and do.
Prayerfully yours,
Rev Graham R Morgan
Superintendent Minister
North Yorkshire Coat Methodist Circuit
Tel. 01723 361214  graham.morgan@methodist.org.uk

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